Monday, 22 August 2011

Today I felt

Today I felt. I'm putting this cowl in to felt this morning. I'm a bit nervous as I know that the dark green main colour yarn felts like a dream, really tight and solid but the rest of it is made up of baby wool, plain wool and mohair mix so I'm not certain how they will react to the process.
Its crochet in filet stitch so its quite light but the felting should give it some body and shape

If its successful then I am planning to add ruffles of muslin, to the bottom and seed pearls dotted around the darker sections to give it an underwater mermaid/shipwreck look.

Its in the machine now so I wil check itevery 20 mins to make sure its going alright

Talk of mermaids my doll wings are finished and I now need to decide it I wil make her some arms or not as she looks slightly off balance just with the wings at the back


  1. The cowl is gorgeous I love the colours and I'm looking forward to seeing how it felts.

    I had that terrified felty tummy yesterday when I put my new huge wool blanket in to wash - I had visions of retrieving a solid tea towel sized thing out of the machine :)

  2. Most yarns and wool fabric are pre treated to prevent feltingthese days so you were probably alright