Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Bilbert's Adventures part the second

Morning All!

Lets see what I've done today

First of all I met the chickens.

This is Alphonse

and these are Jack and Maggie

This is Willow,she's 3 yrs old and is a black and tan cocker spaniel. She wanted to play with me but Naomi said I was a little too small for her rough and tumble games. She's a poppet tho and I got to scratch her tummy

This is Gemini, she's a miniture shetland who I'm going to have a ride on over the w/e

and this is Tess, she's 20 and is recovering from a nasty foot infection, poor baby.

Now I'm exploring the orchard. My thats a lot of apples


That was a fun morning. I could do with a rest

Mmm, this is nice, now all I need is someone to swing me

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