Thursday, 4 August 2011

Beauty and The Beast - Jewellery and Objets dArt by Anna Tham - and the importance of Information in exhibits

Yesterday I went to a beautiful jewellery exhibition/display by Anna Tham in Oxford, she makes Jewellery and Objets d'Art from thing she finds and vintage jewellery.

The piece themselves are stunning, really medieval and chunky and it was a joy to wonder around and examine the pieces.

The only thing I found dissatisfying was the complete lack of information. I only found out about the exhibit when I was looking on a local whats on page it was in The Vaults Cafe in town and when we got there there was no poster, no notices, no nothing to tell that there was something on. We spent 10 minutes wandering around the complex trying to find it untill we went into the cafe to ask and saw the display cases on the wall.

I wanted to know more about the artist, where she came from, her ideas, what she had done before but apart from a couple of postcards firmly stuck to the wall there was nothing, no cards, leaflets, bio or even names to the pieces. I know bios and things are a pain to write out, I've done enough to know that but some information is important, you can't just pop things in a case and leave them to do all the work.

Anyway enough with the rant, I'll move on to the pieces.

I'd love to know where she finds 6 matching pieces out of the blue like that as well.

Gold bull's head with rhinestones

Panthers painted black with gold and gem collars

White and gold Bumblebee necklace/choker. I adore bumblebees.

Gold bumblebee necklace

Blue and gold lion's head choker. Blue and Gold is my favourite colour mix

Stunning elephant piece in blue and gold with gems. I've got such a soft spot for this piece.

Child's toy dinosours with painted gold accents

Child's toy snake with a gold collar. I simply love this, I'm going to make one next time I go to a car boot

It was stunning but deserved more advertising, more information.

Her website is and is coming soon.

Here are some more links to information on the web

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  1. Thanks for the heads up - some amazing pieces here!

  2. It is beautiful, I can't wait till her website is up and runnning