Wednesday, 31 August 2011

She is Woman wearing The Amazon Cowl

This one I am keeping for myself

Bilbert's Adventures part the Fourth part 4 - Exploring the City

This is the Ashmolean Museum

First thing you see when you go into the museum is this chappy on a plinth. He looks kinda chilly standing there to me.

This is the human figure gallery on the ground floor

English Stumpwork in the Textile Gallery and a Norse Runestone dedicated to Father,Mother and Sister

These are some early examples of money. I don't fancy carrything this around in my pocket

This is the museum's Japanese teahouse and a Georgian dessert table

Now this fella has the right idea

This one's a bit moody

*phew* its a long walk to the Pre Raphaelite gallery but its worth it to see this stunning painted cabinat and Persephone

Etsy Treasury Listings

Thank you to everyone for featuring our items

Featuring our Autum Leaf Felt Wrap - by Jamina Rose

Knit1Treble2 Treasury Comp entries

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Bilbert's Adventures part the Fourth part 3 - Exploring the Science History Museum and I got to make a fancy hat!

We went to the Eccentricity Exhibition at the Museum of the History of Science

Lots of Steampunk goodies

We did the activity page, match the bio to the person and invented a clockwork pony groomnig system

This is the activity table. I made a fab hat and the lady running it took two photographs. One for themselves and one for me!

Off to the Ashmolean, Pitt Rivers and Natural History Museums now. What larks!

Bilbert's Adventures part the Fourth part 2 - Exploring the Castle

Exploring the Castle Complex

This is Oxford's Mal Maison Hotel and Complex. Its build around the old castle and if you want you can spend a night in the dungeon room

They are currently hosting a display of photographs from around Britain. This is a huge map you can walk on

Some of the Photographs on display, including the White Horse

I even got to ride a painted Rhino!

Goodness, I'd better keep to my good behaviour of I might end up here

Oh dear! look what a mess I've got myself into

Its alright. Naomi let me out :)

Bilbert's Adventures part the Fourth part 1 - Exploring the City

Hello All,

Today was sightseeing day in Oxford

This is Bonne Square which has a war memorial and some beautiful bronze book statues

I found this shop selling lots of Britishing themed goodies and a stunning floral display

Oxford is full of little alleyways full of interesting sounding places

and beautiful houses

not to mention architecture. I think the sandy stone goes very well with my colouring

This is the Martyr's Memorial in St Giles. One of them is Bishop Hugh Latimer, Naomi's ancester

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Treasury Features

Thank you to everyone who has featured us in their treasuries over the past couple of weeks

Pied Piper

The Pied Piper is one fairytale that Disney left well alone. At first it seems an innocent enough tale, the piper saves the town from a plague of rats but its later on in the story that it takes a darker turn. When the townspeople foolishly refuse to pay the piper he plays a second tune which, like the rats, the children must follow. He takes them into a cave under the mountain and shuts the entrance up behind them.

For this cowl I am taking my inspiration from the Medieval roots of the tale. I will be using Sari Silk yarn as a base in rich vibrant colours of the Piper's clothing and mixing it in with lace, bone, coins and velvet, all the trappings associated with the money that the villagers refused to pay. I may line the cowl with red, maroon or black velvet to add warmth and richness to the piece but I will have to finish the crochet before I decide.

Knit1Treble2: Winning Treasury #8

Thank you to Esra/Knitella for choosing my Carnival Town treasury as her favourite. We'll be choosing our inspiration item this afternoon.


Knit1Treble2: Winning Treasury #8: This latest challenge has been so much fun and there were many beautiful and creative entries submitted. Esra at Knitella certainly had h...

Friday, 26 August 2011

Fairytale Cowls

Seeing as I am enjoying creating my latest cowl so much I have decided to do a series of cowls inspired by the fairytales I enjoyed as a child.

I have some inspiration boards for some of the pieces but these are the basic building blocks of each design

Snow White will be red, black, and snowflake white yarn with ties ending in red apple charms.

Pied Piper will be in sari silk yarn both spun and ladder with black lace, red velvet, wooden buttons and a leather cord pull tie with drilled penny ends.

Red Riding Hood will be red ( of course) either rags to riches yarn or felted red wool with a faux fur collar and wolf teeth pull ties ends.

Cinderella will be gold and cream with tea dyed muslin, old gold lace, pearls and tulle

I'm also thinking of Mother Goose in grey and Sleeping Beauty in silk and stainless steel

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Bilbert's Adventures part the Third - Exploring the wood and play red indians

Yesterday I spent the day exploring local wood

Goodness there is so much to see

Playing hide and seek. I bet you can't find me....

Over here!





over here!

I found this beautiful feather and we made a headdress so I can blend into the woodland even better

well, sort of