Friday, 26 August 2011

Fairytale Cowls

Seeing as I am enjoying creating my latest cowl so much I have decided to do a series of cowls inspired by the fairytales I enjoyed as a child.

I have some inspiration boards for some of the pieces but these are the basic building blocks of each design

Snow White will be red, black, and snowflake white yarn with ties ending in red apple charms.

Pied Piper will be in sari silk yarn both spun and ladder with black lace, red velvet, wooden buttons and a leather cord pull tie with drilled penny ends.

Red Riding Hood will be red ( of course) either rags to riches yarn or felted red wool with a faux fur collar and wolf teeth pull ties ends.

Cinderella will be gold and cream with tea dyed muslin, old gold lace, pearls and tulle

I'm also thinking of Mother Goose in grey and Sleeping Beauty in silk and stainless steel

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