Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Bilbert's Adventures part the first

Morning All

I arrrived in Oxfordshire is first class style (thank you claire and postie) and the first thing to do was meet the rest of the gang. From the left there was Jarath, Jack Sparrow *WOW a real pirate! The Librarian, Ben the biker who I though was scary looking at first but he's a real teddy bear once you get to know him and Lady Loveday, a beautiful steampunk lady who has promised me a ride on her Zepplin tomorrow, I wonder if Naomi will lend me some goggles

Next person I met was Naomi's latest project, a beautiful winged mermaid.

Icould really go for this wing lark, save a load of postage if I could just fly everywhere

Not too sure about this fella tho, says he's called Fred but apart from that he didn't talk much

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