Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Bilbert's Adventures part the Fourth part 4 - Exploring the City

This is the Ashmolean Museum

First thing you see when you go into the museum is this chappy on a plinth. He looks kinda chilly standing there to me.

This is the human figure gallery on the ground floor

English Stumpwork in the Textile Gallery and a Norse Runestone dedicated to Father,Mother and Sister

These are some early examples of money. I don't fancy carrything this around in my pocket

This is the museum's Japanese teahouse and a Georgian dessert table

Now this fella has the right idea

This one's a bit moody

*phew* its a long walk to the Pre Raphaelite gallery but its worth it to see this stunning painted cabinat and Persephone

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  1. Enjoying the Adventures of Bilbert, who is very cute in a pink sort of way! I took a stuffed penguin to Croatia with me when I went travelling on my own and did something similar in a photo album - adventures of Polly I think I called it...!