Friday, 6 April 2012

Two New Goddess Wrap Designs - Folk Artwear Wraps - The Fern Girl - Sunflower Maid

I have enjoyed making the two large baby wraps so much I have decided to  go back to my original designs and to work on them a bit to create some new 'Goddess Wraps'. These will be the same technique as the baby wraps but this time with a female form in mind. I have made two designs to be shown at Artweeks 2012 along with 'Rabbit Queen' as part of a Folk Tales theme.

The first design is based around a folk tale called The Fern Girl about a baby found wrapped in a fern leaf
 and the second is going to be TheSunflower Maid, a tale like Rabbit Queen of my own devising.

This is my Mood Board for The Fern Girl, a woodland boho collection of greens and browns

These are the images from the book ( above and below)

My Sunflower Maid is going to be a dreamy celebration in yellow, old gold, rich brown and pale terracotta

I also receive some Stunning recycled sari silk yarn from goldenonetoo  yestersday in beautiful creams and yellows so they will be a focal part of my piece


  1. lovely post Naomi, looking forward to seeing the finished wraps

  2. Thanks Louise. I'm going to Bicestor tomoz and there is a yarn shop so hopefully I can find some yarns to start the piece without having to (litr'lly) dig for the stuff in the store.

    I need some old gold silk and some yellow and brown slub yarn for Sunflower and something 'natural' looking in green for Fern Girl along with some nice green and brown lacey fabric. I have some brown lace fabric but it needs 'distressing' as it a bit tooo shiny and new at the moment