Saturday, 7 April 2012

I Have Fresh Yarn!

Naughty me!
These three were purchased especially for my Goddess Wraps from Bicester Wools in Bicestor. Two chunky green and green mix yarns and a yellow silk merino baby yarn

I couldn't resist this! I have a total lust problem for sari silk, I can't resist it, it just calls to me out of somewhere inside and I have to work with it.

Yellow ochre recycled sari silk ribbon. Unique fair trade artisan yarn
Yarn: Recycled sari silk ribbon Grams 100 grams Color: Yellow Yardage Approx 45-50 yards! Wash: Handwash cold with light detergent. The yellow colors in this sari silk ribbon are endless. You have sun kissed yellow, ochre, sand, mustard, banana, lemon, just so exotic and inspirational. Silk sari ribbon is a by product from silk sari manufacturing in India. They are hand cut strips of silk sari fabric and tied together end to end and made into skeins by women's collectives in India.

These women's small businesses give women the chance to earn their own income. I buy these skeins direct from these women and they are cleaned and aired by me ready to use! This really is a fabulous unique eco-friendly and fair trade yarn for such amazing original projects. It is suitable for Knitting, crochet, rug hooking, bags, wall hangings, jewellery, weaving and all sorts of fibre art projects

I mean, seriously, how well does this go with these images


  1. Wow beautiful yarn! Look forward to seeing your new sunny creations :)

  2. Stunning yarn - cant wait to see the finished article

  3. I adore the sari silk yarns, and they come in so many amazing colours

  4. Thank you ladies :) This morning I am on the hunt for nice fabric to maek some yarn of my own to use in both of the designs. Wish me luck!