Monday, 16 April 2012

Once In a Persian Garden- Multi Coloured Goddess Wrap

This piece came about from several different places. One was a skein of Sweet Dreams
yarn from Colinette that I had some small amount left over from a shawl, the second was one of my favourite albums, Songs from a Persian Garden by Marjan and Mahsa Vahdat,  and the third was my 'Lucky Dip' style selection of yarns that I took to the fair last weekend. It can be tricky working and minding a stall at the same time but I find that most people like to watch you work as well as talk to you.

Here are some very quick photographs I took this morning after it had been woven in lilac and eggplant


  1. I love this! Gorgeous! I agree about working behind your stall too, I always do, people do seem to like it.

  2. Thank you ladies :) I think it helps, esp if they see you struggling with a difficult bit for them to realise the time and work that goes into a piece. That one took me a good 6 hours to crochet.

    Mind you, I made myself a scarf in the same style lsat night in 2 hours. I'm just weaving it now