Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The Pre Raphaelite Cowgirl

Yes, I agree, a totally mad combination but there you are. It is tuesday and I was feeling I should really 'make hay' whilst the sun shone. I've taken some inspiration from Sophie from onetenzeroseven as she is doing a blogging for confidence/outfit a day series on her blog

Hat: From a car boot last summer £1.00
Dress: Swapshop 0.00
Silk Jacket with tassles: I have noo idea. I found it in my wardrobe the other day
Belt: Car Boot last Sunday 0.50p
Boots: ReCycle Fashion event Oxford Town Hall 0.00
Brooch: (sherrif badge) ScarletRabbit on Etsy £6.00
Earrings: Made by me (see last blogpost 0.00
Necklace: Silver and Lapis Ring on leather thong
Bracelets: 1-Pearls and Silver Beads (gift) 2-Plymouth Stone and Seashells from last w/e on leather thong

I also go rather well with this treasury we are featured in today


  1. Oooo I love it! and such great find as well! :)I love your belt :) x

  2. Love it too - I'm also jealous of all the space you have there (comments in CB thread).

  3. Thanks Girls *hugs* I really like the things I am doing with my own style this year so hopefuly I can keep it up. The belt is very cool isn't it.My sister bought it for me and it inspired the whole outfit.


  4. What a great outfit! I love that your most expensive item was a brooch! :) And I wish that I could find silk jackets in my wardrobe! LOL! You have very good taste, I have to say

  5. Thanks Sequinned. I think I got it for the fabric but didn't have the heart to wreck it and I'm so glad I did as I think I chucked my denim cowgirly jacket unless its up in the loft.

    The brooch was one of my PIF buys and it looks like a sherrif badge at a distance. I have wayyy too many clothes. I never pay more then a fiver for anything as I haunt secondhand and carboot/tabletop sales and it means I can splash out on things I really like (Hellbunny dresses) instead of worrying how much everyday clothes that I will end up trashing cost.

    If its nice tomorrow I am wearing my purple unicorn dress and black leather biker boots.

    Jacket was from Swapshop (I asked my sister who remembered) so cost was 0.00 (sorry)

  6. Loving the dress and I agree the best stuff can be found in charity stores. But it is getting harder to find real gems, too many dealers these days. I really must stop being so lazy about my clothes and stop reaching for the baggy black top and jeans option.