Monday, 5 March 2012

Shalotte on the FP of

This is twice this week, I can't beleve it, it is so exciting. Thank you to Katie for picking such beautiful items and managing to get them up on the American FP

thisi s the first one on Saturday featuring our Pale Knight Top

And this is todays, featuring 'Troubadour'


  1. I hope the front pages bring you lots of lovely new customers, you deserve them :)

  2. Congratulations! I hope they bring you lots of Heats and sales x

  3. Congratulations Naomi, in total agreement with Cariadclay, I hope you get lots of hears and sales.

  4. It was a total coincidence that you were in both treasuries- but a good one :) I'm so thrilled they've picked both my treasuries for SOTW for the front page!!!! Hoping the FP brings you lots of good things :) Congrats!!!! x

  5. Wow - congratulations! I think that's more times in a week than I've ever made it to the FP!!! Fingers crossed for lots of sales :)

  6. Thanks guys. What with being shop of the week as well, my views are in the 500/600 per day already so *hugs* to you all

    Katie I like coincidences, lol. It must be great to have a treasury you made on there. I guess thats my next aim lol.

    Off to design our little British Craftspeople sign for shows