Saturday, 24 March 2012

Blossom Baby - Photo Prop Blanket - Custom Order - In Progress Pics

Some photographs of my Blossom Baby Photo Prop Blanket In Progress

Some of the yarns I am using


  1. Wow Naomi, this looks like a stunning work in progress - can't wait to see the finished item.

  2. So pretty. Gorgeous yarns too.

  3. Thanks Louise and Joy. I love the way its lookig as well. Wiwth any luck I should get it finished by mid next week and I can't wait to see it with the fabric and the lace.

    I'm runing a little low on my beige, I have only a bit of white and beige flag and a bit of chunky beige left so may have to go out to the yarn stash tomorrow and take another look. I thought I was out of white R to R as well but I found another 4 skeins. Someone up there must like my work because it might have taken me forever to source more