Thursday, 1 March 2012

Happy 1st of March - I dare not go a hunting/For fear of little men

To celebrate I have been out with my camera to our local woods searching for faery haunts, dells and dancing places.

 I found a ring that one of the fay must have dropped
 One of the first flowers of spring
 A leftover drinking horn?
Another secret nook

 A mystic snake, guarding the entrance

 A magical toadstool hat, it must have been worn by one of the musicians
 Alas, I had to leave all too soon. If I stayed out  late I might have joined them in their dancing and never been seen again


  1. Thanks Cariad. I love photography, my little camera and I go everywhere together

  2. What beautiful pictures Naomi! And I love the idea of searching for faery haunts and dancing places!

  3. Thanks Erika, I was going to go out on sunday and do a cottingly faeries shoot but it was raining.
    When I was a child we lived near some other woods and we spent hours making little faerie dells, tidying up and re covering mosscovered stones,sweeping tree nooks and bowers and picking flowers to place in our favourite tree root nooks ands its something that has stayed with me