Thursday, 8 March 2012

Saltburn by the Sea: Guerrilla knitters stitch up Saltburn Pier!

Guerrilla knitters stitch up Saltburn Pier!

I like this a lot! I wonder if I could get a gang to do this somewhere in Oxford. The Ashmoleon perhaps, or Bonn Square
Saltburn has once again been the target for some serious yarn bombing as the Guerrilla knitters have struck again - and how!

If you strolled down the pier on Saturday you would have found it difficult not to notice pieces of brightly coloured knitting tied along the pier railing. Welcome to guerrilla knitting.

This is graffiti, but with yarn. It's not something new - people have been doing it for years, all over the world - but Saturday's session in Saltburn was extra special.

Last October, we reported that a knitter, or knitters, had tried to pull the wool over the eyes of hundreds of visitors and residents by tying scarves and knitted figures to various parts of the town centre - to lamp-posts, railings, buildings and outside the library. Knitted teddy bears were also to be seen having a picnic on Marine Parade.

But now the latest 50-yard long Olympic-themed creation which has suddenly appeared on Saltburn Pier has stitched up the title as one of the longest scarves in the North-east.

Scores of people have been doing a double-take at the “marathon” scarf as they walk along the historic pier.

Every few metres a different Olympic sport has been portrayed - from synchronised swimming to a cycling velodrome - each with their own little group of knitted athletes.
What's the point, though? "It's about making people smile and bringing art out of the galleries so everyone can appreciate it," is the comment of Magda Sayeg, one of the world's most revered guerilla knitters.

Although we are not able to reveal the identity of the Saltburn yarn bombers we can confirm that this particular piece is the work of more than one individual and it has captivated everyone who has seen it.

Kerry Paterson: "It's big! Whoever knitted this is very talented! Absolutely fab it is! Go see."

Louise Tierney: "This is brilliant. We were down on the pier on Saturday morning and saw it, a lot of time and effort has gone into this knitting, definitely worth a visit to see it."

Rachel Armstrong: "It's fab, I like it when something simple can put a smile on your face :)"

Saltburn by the Sea: Guerrilla knitters stitch up Saltburn Pier!:

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