Monday, 26 March 2012

Lets Hear it for Summer!

As much as I love chunky knits, nice warm hats and gloves and everything yarnworthy for chilly weather I can't believe how good the sunshine is making me feel

I think this spring/summer I need to do more mixed media work, more 'salvaged textiles', more experimantal jewelley and more of those things that make your soul go Mmmmmm thats niceeee.

 In my case that means lots of lace, found pieces of metal, rescued jewelley, tea dyed ribbons, handmade lace, sari silk, those two big strands of french chandalier crystal drops that have been haunting my dreams for months, rock crystals, glass baubles and lots and lots of Art Stitching.

I'm also thinking of Muslin dresses with ribbons and silk accents, simple little pieces that would look great being layered with maybe a waistcoat and boots, dresses and tops that are perfect for summery weather. More pieces that combine silk and muslin I think, some light tops made from some ethereal floaty yarns with delicate fabrics fleated and tied

I'm going to leave you with some of the images from the 'Inspire' folder


  1. Cool post Naomi, love the headwear and the spring dance

  2. Thankd Louise, I have put the wreath up on the front door and it looks really nice. I stole the Snoopy pic from FB, I thought it was so apt for the sudden incredible weather

  3. Let me recommend sari ribbon to you, I've just done some wrapped bangles with it, just a lovely textile to work with. Love this post, I'm a great fan of salvage,gypsy,shabby look.

  4. 13 thanks for the recommendation.

    I was at the car boot on Sun and Isaw a load of those metal bangles and I thought I'll get those but I forgot and I never got round to going back to them and am kicking myself as I won't be there this w/e.
    I have however asked a couple of peeps I know who will be there to get as many as they can for me as the gypsy bangle look is something I adore. I have some sari silk ribbon yarn (the knotted strips) and I was thinking of wrapping them with them and then overwrapping them with thin wire and amybe some beads? Whatcha think.