Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Salamander on stone - Free machine embroidery

Having cracked the free machine stitch on my machine I have embroidered a beautiful, colourful salamander on the natural stained fabric collage.

This is my lizard simply drawn on the fabric

I started off with a dark olive green in a natural patern, covoured the rest of the fabric in grey and red but making sure I left enoughspace to show the natural colour of the tumeric dye.


  1. hey! found you via etsy! really like your salamander he is cool. I have recently been hand embroidering and learning free motion quilting. Well done you! Following you now. x

  2. Hello Collette,

    thank you for your comment. I'm an avid hand stitcher but I am so happy to find our that my machien can do free motion as its a technique I've lusted after for years. Good luck with your endevours, its so relaxing.