Thursday, 20 October 2011

Mark Making Experiments - results and follow on- Salamander on stone

These are the results of the natural mark making that I was working on over the weekend

From the left #1 apple #2 tea #3 spices

I have cut out rough circles on the apple dyed fabric around the marks made by the fruit

I have layered the apple fabric onto the tea fabric so that the darker fabric so that the darker dye shows thru and contrasts with the lighter dye. The spice fabric has been cut into a pattern matching the marks of the dye and layered on top with a single opening to show the other layers.

I have now joined the pieces with hand stitching in red,yellow,grey and orange abnd it reminde me of some kind of fire creature, a salamander or fire lizard.

One of my birthday presents was a roll of fine copper sheeting suitable for machine and hand stitching so I will either cut out a lizard in the copper or machine stitch the creature on the fabric with black and red cotton and use the copper as flames.

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