Saturday, 15 October 2011

Mark Making Experiments

I have been indulging with a good book this afternoon. More specificly The Found Object in Textile Art and have been rather inspired by the mark making in the book to have a go with my own ideas over the w/e.

Rather traditional teabag printing/staining. I washed the fabric in water and white wine vinegar to help fix any patterns and kept it damp during the day.

This is apples pieces and green tomatoes. The fabric was treated in the same way. I expect a subtle yellow patterning on this fabric. Nothing strong but something beautiful and delicate.

From this I expect fiery colours and speckled designs. This is tumeric and chili powder from Morocco sprinkled onto damp fabric that is already settling into the cloth.

I shall be keeping the fabrics damp during the w/e and then leave to dry on Monday.

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