Sunday, 31 July 2011

Thame and Oxford County Show

Lots of photographs from Thame and Oxford County Show

A pair of shetlands preparing for the scurry racing

We met a lovely chap called Richard who is tailor from the cotswolds and this was on fo the coats that he made. The photograph simply does not do it justice, it was such a lovely subtle colour, the sleeves were lined in blue and white striped fabric and the coat body in red. The company is and the clothes are simply gorgeous.

The impressive motercycle display and stunt team, the youngest member is 5

The most beautiful bull I've seen in years

After we looked in the cattle tent I found a lovely stall selling alpaca wool, fleece and knitted products with a bunch of beautiful animals. The folks were from Great House Alpacas

Lovely knitted rugs

The alpacas themselves

Baby boots, hats and gloves -------------- wool and fleece

Another animal shot

My sister with her new pink and purple streaked hair----- Myself by the alpacas

One cheeky donkey

Our Willow having a 5 minute cuddle and the beautiful Jasper

Birds of pray

The floral display tent, I think it was mostly WI

This was the Wool and Wood competition
This one won first prize

This was my favourite piece from the competition Country Persuits

After about 6 hours we eventually found the Jazz Band. Four lovely men playing outside the bar so we had a lovely 15 min break with a glass of cider listening to beautiful music.

Willow by this time was soo tired she collapsed in the shade with her water and fell asleep

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