Saturday, 9 July 2011

Swapshop fun

The first sat of the month is swapshop day at our local recycle/paint store/community centre and today was a great day for goodies.

First thing I'd like to do is introduce Fred and George, two fantastic handmade plant pots who will soon be gracing our main gate posts

Second is a fantastic vintage parasol (a very unusual find), also a vintage glove box)

A case of Pre Raphaelite cards

some lovely graphic designed blotting paper cases,

a selection of pen nibs (always useful)

a sweet little ethnic doll,

a book of rag crafts and a book on quilts,

a lovely book of ethnic portrait photographs,

a set of vintage 1930's happy family playing cards. Top card is Miss Rake - the gardeners daughter

a little model elephant (perfect for storing rings on) and a dinky little decorative teaspoon that will soon be a pendant

The most fantastic child's tape measure that will be a godsend (lets see me loose this baby down the back of the sofa) Its so big I feel like I should take it for walkies

and a large leather luggage tag thats just what I need for my keyring.

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