Friday, 8 July 2011

Gremlins, mushrooms, soap bubbles and rose leaves

Sounds like a good plan for a friday doesn't it.

My plan for today involved some beautiful grey silk, a pattern for fabric mushrooms, earring hooks and some relaxing hand sewing. As usual, it all went awry. I was going thru the fabrics 3 days ago and saw the silk in a bag, I thought aha! I know where you are now, I can use you when I need you. I needed it today and it appears that the gremlin has decided it doesn't want it to be used and has moved it to another part of the workshop and I can't find it for love, money, pleading or hysterics. I know I put it on the worksurface by the sewing machine but its simply vanished.

I gave up on my silk mushrooms, having made a note of it in my ring binder/sketchbook/ideas sheet/random scribbling store and came in the house to nearly fall headlong over a potato stolen by willow (our dog) and hidden in plain sight in the middle of the living room floor. After coffee and staring at the potato in a thoughful manner I decided to give up on 3D mushrooms and concentrate on 2D ones I.E a potato stamp which is something I've not done for years, it turned out pretty well, all things considering and I made a pretty piece of hand stamped muslin with mushrooms and butterflies.

Making a potato stamp 101

1: get a potato and cut it in half, 2: draw your chosen design, 3 cut out design and place on potato half, 4: cut around paper with a scalpel and slice off the waste flesh,5: stamp in inkpad, 6:stamp on pabric or paper, 7: iron on wrong side to set

One potato stamp

It has quite a good texture it once inked up

My hand stamped muslin

I want to try my hand at proper wood carving stamps but finding somewhere local that does hardwood blocks is difficult.

The soap bubble part of the post was found in a bowl of rose leave on the table about 5 mins ago

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