Friday, 29 July 2011

Mermaid Art Doll project part 3

Today I've been working on my mermaid's tail.

I started off by adding some small flower beads to her belt.

I then began to wrap some gold net around the top of her tail and wrap stitched some gold bead ribbon in an organic style over it

I suddenly realised that what I had had in mind all the time was Klimt, not that it was a direct inspiration but an idea nagging at the back of my mind. She's not going to be a Klimt Art Doll but its certainly one of my inspirations. I think she might turn out to be more 1920's/30's with a showtime twist.

I then added a button that was in the bottom of my lace box and a small organza rose.

I then spent half an hour looking at her wondering where to go next. I still don't know so I'm taking a break from her till sunday as its Thame County Show tomorrow so that should be lots of fun

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