Saturday, 23 July 2011

Natural Dying - India Flint Inspired Bundles

I've been re reading the blog of the wonderful India Flint, a natural dyer who runs fantastic workshop and creates amazing pieces of fabric and clothes all dyed with natural dyes, flowers, bits of wood, rust and found objects. Seeing as I had dying written on my list today I've started out trying my own dye experment with a fabric dye bundle with a mix of flowers and leaves

I started out with a collection of flora

cherry leaves and butterfly bush

rose petals and marrow flowers

a partial strip ready to be folded

sweet pea flowers

folded bundle ready to be wrapped up

half tied up bundle

Finished Bundle, ready to be boiled

Rusty nails for a mordant

Everything in the pot, ready to boil

I've set it to boil and will then leave it for a couple of days in the water and will unwrap it to see what the result it


  1. a need far less heat than leaves
    and you might need to tie the bundle a little more tightly next time...happy dyeing!

  2. Thanks for the advice, I'll know what I'm doing a bit better next time