Monday, 4 February 2013

Handmade Clay Charms

All this gorgeous sunshine has made me get my clay and and charm up the studio. I love air dry clay as its easy to work with, easy to clean and I can make fabulous things without having to have a kiln, which I would love but do not have.

Today I've been using my letter stamps and natural finds to create some lovely terracotta coloured pieces with a boho theme.

 Materials for my adventures

#1 is hand stamped with the word 'travel'  with two holes in it to use as a button
 #2 is 'earth' with a single hole for stringing
 #3 is 'stone' no hole as I think this will look great as a plain little shelf decoration or grounding piece
 #4 'run' for those days we all have
 #5 'fly away; who doesn't have those dreams of being a bird
 #6 'love' what we all want above all other things
 #7 is my thumbprint which is a very personal thing. Ones thumbprint is the invisible mark we leave on everything we do
 #8 is a piece of vintage lace pressed onto the clay
 #9 is the bark of a dried up flower stem
 #10 mulberry flower print
 #11 is the word 'leaf'
 #12 is 'tree'
 #13 is some freshly picked rosemary left over from my  rosemary lemon focaccia that I made for lunch
#14 is the press of a shell from a trip to the sea last summer
 #15 is a beach stone with lots of little holes and bubbles
The entire collection with my little spring boat


  1. So cute, I particularly like the rosemary one.

  2. they are lovely and I adore the little boat :)

  3. looks like you have been having fun

  4. Ahhh they're lovely Naomi :-)

  5. Thanks guys, it was great fun. I love ceramics and clay but I can only cope with it on my hands for a short space of time.Dry clay under my nails makes me freeze up.

    Going to let them dry well and then seal them up and maybe paint a couple