Friday, 15 February 2013

Focus on Scarves

As I currently don't have the room to work on dresses so I am compiling a list of the fabrics that are suitable including some fab Indian chiffon I got last Monday that is being dry cleaned ( its new fabric, but I just like it to be perfect for you all) and some pale blush cotton/silk mix which is soo soft its incredible.

I'm considering using some cotton gauze as I came across some  the other day made from it and  hand dyed in natural materials with a stunning raw edged softness

I could wear these everyday  just for beauty and never tire. They are lightweight, warm and perfect for all seasons. I was also canny enough to get some eucalyptus leaves for dyeing and I can see the orange leaf print looking amazing on such softness.

I am also looking for a UK or European supplier for Venise Lace Trim, its so beautiful and looks like teardrops and falling petals but I can find no one outside of Hong Kong that sells it. It features heavily in Turkish style scarves but I seem unable to find anyone closer to home that I can use

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