Saturday, 4 August 2012

Crazy Bear Craft Fair

I know, its been a long time since my last post but I return with photographs from the 1st ever Craft Fair at the Crazy Bear Farm Shop and Hotel in Stadhampton

First shots are my rail. Its a bit light as it was a blazing hot day but you get the idea of the look

 Full shot of my stand

Close up

Funky angled shot

I love this display piece but she never photographs well.

She is displaying The Rabbit Queen hat and Desert Rose cover up

Silver Leaf neckpiece with a Sari Silk  wrap bracelet/necklace with a vintage style key

Rose Hair Clips and Brooches

 Another  shot featuring my Owls, Rose Brooches and Herdwick Brooches

Now for the Jewellery

Angled shot of our Jewellery section

Featured Necklaces on stands

Full shot


Necklaces and Copper Wire Wrapped Pendants

One of my favourite necklaces. Cherry Quartz and Copper Wire Waves.

Rock Quartze and Copper Diamonds

Harvest of the Moon. Autumn Necklace with dyed howlite, a handcarved soapstone butterfly and copper wing shapes


Focal shot of Earrings

A quick splash of colour with our Sari Silk wrap bracelets

A girl has gotta have a treat right? Some gorgeous cotswold cider and a pink  cupcake

A quick shot of a necklace. I haden't had time to photogrpah it before it sold so I only managed a quick shot whilst packaging it up

All in all a great day. Sun was shining and we had lots of lovely sales.

Another post soon will include pics of the other stallholders and some Gorgeous 2 week old piglets that were in the barn. It was standing room only in there when the news got out


  1. Your stand looks fabulous Naomi and the weather looks like its was being kind to you as well!

  2. Sounds like you had a big stail there to have all of that stock there, and so beautifully displayed.

  3. Wow it looks fab. I would love to stop by and mooch. :)