Saturday, 4 August 2012

Adventures in Clay and a Beads of Clay Blog Giveaway

Clay is a material I would love to work with. I love the thought of moulding and shaping a material with such freedom and flexability. Unfortunatly my brain is in two minds about this because whilst my creative side loves it the rest of me cringes at having it dry on my hands, into my fingernails and generally clogging up my fingers.

I can however work with air dry for a short while so I can show you a small collection of beads I have made this morning. Two goddess pendants, one mermaid tail and a selection of small round beads that will compliment the finished piece.

the Large Goddess bead

Mermaid Tail

Small Goddess
this one will need some work doen to it once it has dried to finish it off

I do however have a friend with a kiln so I am hoping to get some proper clay and make some to compliment our copper wire work. I figure if I wear skin plastic gloves I should be able to manage it

Now to the Giveaway

Not our giveaway but one from Beads of Clay blog with some fantastic pieces up for grabs including a stunning starfish focal pendant and a 'happy' ceramic tag as well as some gorgeous focal beads

For more information visit their blog here


  1. Realy interesting to see your work in progress - I love the mermaid's tail with the circles!

  2. Those look interesting, I've got some air dry clay so I'll have a go. Can't wait to see what you do with the mermaid tail