Friday, 23 September 2011

A Walk in the Woods- sketches,photographs and inspiration for mixed media art quilt canvas

This morning I took a walk in the woods to gain inspiration for my latest project. I am making 2 mixed media art quilts on canvas to go on the living room wall.

This post is very image heavy

This is the entrance to Shotover woods

The first thing you see when you step off the track are millions of acorns, some up to 2" long

I couldn't resist these blackberries

A fly on a leaf is slightly strange but I managed to get close enough to reflect his lovely green tones

The white dot on this acorn looked simply stunning on the nut brown

Deep into the interior

A fallen acorn branch amongst the green

I love bracken, esp when its in mid turn from green to gold

The play of light and dark

Blackberry Flowers

Red berries with purple leaves (not shown up as purple as they did in real life)

Bright green leaves

A fallen acorn leaf branch on the woodland floor


Monster fallen branches

Some pages from my sketchbook