Thursday, 15 September 2011

Oxford Moroccan Handicraft Market

Yesterday was the last day of the Oxford Moroccan Handicraft Market. I didn't even know it was on and would have missed it entirely if Abbie hadn't gone into town for something else and gone out the wrong door in Boswells.

Trust Abbie to go straight to the bead and jewellery stall

Tagines, Mirrors, hanging metal incense holders and furniture

Shoes,Bags and Jewellery

Textiles and Metal Beating

These were a gorgeous mix of cave painting and traditional moroccan style.

I learnt something new as well. Olives come in pink and red. I was going to get some but I got distracted by the perfume stall.

Isn't this painting fantastic. You can almost hear the music coming from the canvas and the way the artist has painted the skin tones in black and purple was breathtaking. He took it out in the sunlight so we could see it better.

Lots of leather bags

Cedarwood carver and lathe worker

I'm in love with these sofas, it was kind of hard sitting on them but put some more cushions on it and you'd be as snug as a bug

Stall selling Juniper wood bowls and woodwork

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  1. Do you have any way of knowing when the market is coming baaaack? I've searched but it only says they are about to publish the schedule. It's been that way for months now. :(