Sunday, 4 July 2010


Day 1: Typically English weather. The day started with rain and BBRC's but it brightened up and we had a lovely two first days with lots of customers and interest . We are offering nice cold drinks to everyone seeing as the weather is scorching and got chatting to some lovely ladies and gents of the village.

We've been invited to the next local embroiderers guild open meeting in september and asked if we could do an ordering service for wool, fabric and general haberdashery. We were planning to start that later in the year but it is nice to know that it would be used so we will be starting it before the month ends.
We might even keep a small stock of needles, ribbon, pins ect one a small shelf in case of emergencies. I'm always forgetting to bring spare sewing needle.

All in all a very nice start to the business. Mia might have an order already for some silver jewellery and lots of people are pleased to have a little boutique in the village again. We do need to find something else for gentlemen tho, everyone loves the cufflinks but a woodturner or potter would give more variety

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