Sunday, 25 July 2010

The amazing thing about running a shop is the variety of people you get in the door. From people buying presents for school leaving daughters to the men coaxed in by their wives on the morning walk down the village to buy the paper.

Next door which was empty has been taken over by a window company who simply use it was a store and showroom which is a bit dull but its better then it being empty, and, if they don't work out then we are thinking about taking it over to do workshops and classes. If they do work out then there are planty of places we could rent but to have somewhere next door would be practical.

We managed to purchase a bamboo changing screen from our neighbour, Country Collections so it saves us making one and we can concentrate on signs for around the village.

We managed to get within the deadline for the local bi monthly village newsletter by the skin of our teeth but that went in the the other day so we'll be alright for August and September.

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