Thursday, 12 June 2014

New Photograph Style - Inspired by Snails

So I've been playing around with some new photo style the past couple of days. I'm also a little obsessed with snails at the moment due to the delightful silver trails that are left on the path overnight by their nocturnal wanderings.

Trying to combine the two I've started rolling up my scarves into little snail shape designs and shooting them from a low angle and I must say that I am  utterly delighted by the result. The finished images are cute, understated and bring out the texture of the muslin perfectly.

Turquoise blue hand dyed cotton muslin

Green and White ombre cotton muslin scarf

Looks like I'm not the only snail loving person around either

A4 Print of 'Snail' by Suzi Ovens on Etsy

The fabulous Mr Finch's take on the creatures

I'd love this in my bedroom.

Plush Yellow Snail Pillow by Laura Finch

Fairytale Snail Jewellery from my friend Laura 

and last but no means one of the original creatures themselve. 
Unfortunately I  am unable  to give credit to this last image so if you know who's it is or if its yours then drop me a line and I'll include info

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