Sunday, 9 February 2014

New Directions

Some may know that I have been thinking of the direction I want my work to go in for the future. I  have made a recent foray into the world of  fabric dyeing and I feel so comfortable in it I'm focusing my energies onto that medium for the foreseeable future.

I will be keeping on with my wrap bracelets and silk rose brooches as smaller items but I feel that for myself to mature as a designer I need more focus, more singular work and a single platform from which I can launch my ideas.
I also feel that I am going in a more genuinly creative and artistic direction with this as will involve me being able to create my own collections, be more experimental in my colour and design choices not mention the joy of focusing creativity on one aspect of design that  means I can go upwards rather then spreading outwards in the way I want to take Shalotte in 2014.

I will be stopping making anything from commercially printed fabric and may do a spring sale to destash some of my current stock.

Dyeing  Inspiration for Spring 2014

I'm torn between doing a sea inspired collection in blues.greys, greens or the bold and exciting colours for Spring. I would love to make my own Indigo vat but I know I require more research before commencing such a large and intense project. I want to experiment with Stitch Shibori, my early works in this field are very promising and have sold quite well over the winter season.

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  1. Good luck with your new endeavor! I hope the best for you!