Saturday, 20 October 2012

Stocking Filler Hairpin Sets

A sneak peak at one of our Stocking Filler collections for Christmas 2012

Hairpin twinsets in antiqued copper with flowers, pearl cabochons and vintage Indian mirrors      

On their little cream cards

A set with one pearly cabochon and one vintage mirror

 Red Flowers and Pearly Cabochons

Vintage Recycled Indian Mirrors.
These are from my special collection, I have a small box if these that I save for projects that they are perfect for. They have age speckle and some of the backing silver has worn off so they look like the forgotten pieces from the bottom on a mermaid's treasure chest

Monday, 15 October 2012

Copper Wire Work Bangles

I mentioned in my last post about our new copper wire work bangles for autumn winter 2012 and as promised here are some of the pieces that we have listed on Etsy

A single length of thick copper wire has been shaped to fit the feminine hand and is wire wrapped at the bottom either side of three beaded dangle drops with pale turquoise magnesite in the center dangle and amethyst and moss agate beads at either side.

A single length of thick copper wire has been shaped to fit the feminine hand and is wire wrapped around with small red carnelian beads along one quarter wide and a white agate at one of the ends.

A single length of thick copper wire has been shaped to fit the feminine hand and is wire wrapped around the entire length with two delicious pearl dangles at the ends. One pearl is a creamy pink and the second pearl is a stunning yellow gold

Inner circ of the bangles are approx 9"
To fit medium to large female hand
Custom sizes and designs are available

Male bangle jewellery without the beads is also available

All our copper is jewellery grade and is pre treated with sealant for wearing against the skin

Each piece of copper work starts out as a length of wire which is then cut, twisted, folded and bent into shape and is hammered for strength and durability before being created into one of our necklaces. Each piece is individually formed and therefor may show some slight variation in size.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Autumnal Dreams

Good morning everyone this stunning autumn day. The sun is shining, the sky is a pale watercolour blue and the trees are mid turn with some in full golden glory and some with just a sprinkling of copper and honey.

I hope you all have something wonderful planned this crisp and beautiful day.  

 I know my blogging has been lax of late, partly because I have immense trouble with firefox not letting me log into my google account and my laptop disliking I.E.  

Anyway,I have not been lax creatively and our Etsy is full of some stunning new accessories for Autumn/Winter.
From hand rolled rose  and linen brooches and sari silk wrapped recycled bangles to warm and cozy fingerless gloves not to mention some stunning new jewellery designs for necklaces and wire work bangles    
Some mini collage pieces of  our sari silk wrapped bangles, just to get your autumn inspiration flowing    

Woodland brown
 White Lichen
 Golden Apples

 Pumpkin Orange
 The Hidden Green