Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Some new pieces for Summer 2012

 Crocheted Evening Stole - Goddess Wrap - Once in a Persian Garden-Multi Coloured Ribbon Openwork

This is a truly gorgeous piece of work. Multi coloured yarns have been worked together in a stunning selection of colours. This piece has Pink, Red, Lilac, Silver, Blue, Cream and Purple all worked together in crochet and weave to create a perfect piece for summer.
  1. Our Goddess Wraps are perfect for all occasions.

This piece can be wrapped around you for an evening out at a museum or a party. Can be worn on a summer's night in your garden with your favourite book. It can double as a throw ( see last pic) for your favourite easy chair or your bed and can even be used as an original picnic acccessory. Just imagine sitting under the shade of a chestnut tree with a glass of wine and your favourite deli olives.

One piece with so many uses. How about turning it into a magic carpet for your own Arabian Nights fantasy.
When not in use it can become a beautiful wall hanging to decorate your home
Made in a smoke free enviroment with care and attention to all detail.
Hand wash. Dry flat
Persian Garden laid flat measures
57" long
but has plenty of stretch due to the technique used in its creation.

Summer Bridal Dress Top - The Lotus Dreamer - Fearie Fairy Pagan Wedding Bohemian Dress Muslin Skirt Knitted Top- Pink Cream White

The Opium Dreamer.

Imigine, lying sweetly dreaming on silk and and cotton sheets whilst your mind drifts away on a hot summer afternoon.

This piece is made from a gorgeous hand knitted boucle top in pinks/creams in a lacey lightweight style with medium shoulder straps and vintage buttons. Top piece has a top layer of rose pink crochet.
The dress skirt is made from a piece of hand crinkled muslin in a creamy white shade beautifully raw edged and cut in a tier shape so that is goes from knee to ankle.
Skirt is 3/4 round the waist of the piece with a gap in the middle/side for freedom of movement

Perfect for your summer wedding, parties, boating trips, afternoon tea or simply lying in the shade of a pink horse chestnut tree on a hot summer day with your favourite book.

Crochet Goddess Cowl - The Rites of Spring - Woodland Boho Summer Fashion Yarnwear

This piece is a statement that Cowls aren't only for winter.

This is a fabulous piece is stunning and bold in wonderful shades of greens, pinks, purple and creams with dashes of silver and blue. Features a small section of dark blue fringe along one side for the free spirit

Hand crocheted using a delightful mixture of yarn styles and weights and woven in with purples and greens this piece is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

This piece was inspired by the riot of colurs that are around this time of year. Stunning bluebells, white and pink roses and purple stocks and grandma's bonnet not to mention the green, green, green of the grass underfoot.

Try wearing this over a light summer dress or your favourite jeans and strappy top. Also fabulous for beachwear, summer picnics or evenings out in the town.

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