Friday, 11 May 2012

The Rabbit Queen - Photographs of the finished piece and Info

The Rabbit Queen- 100% Cotton Art Hat/Headdress with Vintage Rhinestone Bracelet, Hand Rolled Silk Roses, Glass Pearls, Rabbit Fur and Hessian Rabbit Ears

The Rabbit Queen is a headdress/ hat inspired by a mythology that might have been. The base is pure cotton and is decorated with hand rolled silk roses, a vintage rhinestone bracelet, recycled rabbit fur, gold ribbon and is adorned with two long Hessian and felt rabbit ears.

Although there are no folk tales involving rabbit queens there are several goddesses that are represented by Rabbits and Hares.

Kaltes, the shape–shifting moon goddess of western Siberia, was sometimes pictured in human shape wearing a headdress with hare’s ears. Ostara, the goddess of the moon, fertility, and spring in Anglo–Saxon myth, was often depicted with a hare’s head or ears and Eostre, the Celtic version of Ostara, was a goddess also associated with the moon, and with mythic stories of death, redemption, and resurrection during the turning of winter to spring. Rabbits were sacred to Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty, and marriage—for rabbits had “the gift of Aphrodite” (fertility) in great abundance. In Greece, the gift of a rabbit was a common love token from a man to his male or female lover.

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