Thursday, 5 January 2012

Romantic Roses

Its amazing how some plants and trees have the abilty to keep going in all sorts of conditions. We have a rose tree a few doors down that has been blooming since early spring and is only now on its last fading blossom.
The houses have been abandoned for many years but this beautiful old tea rose is nearly as high as the house and seems to be getting more and more beautiful every season.
Of course roses are the most romantic flower in the whole garden although the colour of the bloom is a very important choice to get across the right message. The roses I see everyday are a beautiful bright pink and to thank them for their graceful beauty all last year and to put my mind in the spirit for valentines day, the next festival of the year I have started work on a selection of rolled rose fascinators and other fabric pieces to brighten up my studio and to remind me that the worst of winter is soon to pass.

A selection of pink shot satin rolled roses with tulle veils

 Pnk shot satin rolled rose with lampwork ladybird and gold net veil

 Sepia toned roses with beads, buttons and salvaged embelishments


  1. Hi! came over from Etsy :) LOve these, they are really pretty! The spepia photo is cool x

  2. Hello claire,

    thank you for your compliment. I love my super editing software. I'll hopefuly have some on Etsy next week

  3. Lovely Roses, your description reminds of the song The Rose Bette Midler did a version you should check it out:-)

  4. Hello Joseph,

    Thank you, I'm really pleased with them.

    I know that song and yes it does remind me of that now I come to think of it. Its the last verse thats most apt

  5. Hello Angela, thank you for your comments.