Sunday, 11 December 2011

The Indian Bride - - Victorian Empire Bridal Neck Ruff

Victorian Empire Bridal Neck Ruff 

So far in my bridal ruffs I have concentrated on traditional english bridal themes but with this piece I have gone for an Angle Indian Victorian Empire Tribal theme in bold oranges and browns.

I have had this piece in mind for a while now and the cotton yarn was in my workroom but as soon as I saw this delicate fabric I knew I had found the right binding material to bring this idea to fruition.

The base piece is a bright and beautiful orange eco friendly cotton with a single base layer and crochet ruffles at the top and bottom.
The second layer is a big beautiful flouncy ruffled layer of delicious burnt orange spicy raw edged organza with a hand stitched looped length of sequinned thread in metallic dark brown. The third element is strips of a beautiful ethnic indian cotton print in cream with a bold orange batik print and raw enged muslin ties with larks head knots to various crochet loops at the bottom of the piece.

This collar is finished off with a beautiful handmade copper clasp with glass sees beads and has a secret golden bell on one of the fabric strips that will jingle out whenever you walk.

This piece is perfect for anything from your indian ethnic wedding to bellydancing, festivals and if ypur brave enough, everyday wear. 


  1. Your bridal neck ruffs are so interesting! I love to see what you come up with next!

  2. Thank you AnnMarie.

    I am currently working on a magpie inspired piece with italian and border morris elements and a pinch of moroccan style.