Sunday, 6 November 2011

Oxford Russian Bazaar

Oxford's Russian Bazaar  in St Michaels church was the event on yesterday morning
We got in early before it filled up.

The book stall was a mix of russian and english books and I was sorely tempted by a beautiful illustrated dictionary saints and several stunning russian language art books
Food stall with delicious take away cakes and pastries. I rather liked the thought of pumpkin and butterscotch muffins
Stall selling a mix of ethnic crafts, cards and other items

The icon stall was beautiful. We were really spoilt for choice

Mmm the hot food stand. Everything smelled utterly delicious and the ladies were lovely and chatty

We indulged in a slice of a russian honey cake called Medovie and nearly died of delight. It was about 15 layers of a light honey sponge with a cream filling, topped with a drizzle of chocolate and strawberries

These were the two lovely ladies behind the sweet and savoury stalls who served us. We also took home some fabulous dark bread that tasted of aniseed and some cheese and herb aubergine roulades
                                                                                     I got this lovely little blue glass crucifix pendant
                                                   A handmade wooden spoon for dry serving as a present for my mother
                                                                      and a little painted leather icon for my father

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