Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Interview with Kat from ReadingsByKat- Part of the TT Blog Swap

I'm taking part in a great blog swap with my Time Travelers Team on Etsy. What happens is you have a set of question about yourself and your shop and everyone sends in their answers to the person above them on the thread.

The person I am featuring is Kat from ReadingsByKat who specialises in Tarot Readings and Witchy-Wares.

1. How did your shop get its name and what was the main inspiration behind opening your shop?

My shop name is actually pretty self descriptive, but then I like to be a no-nonsense reader. My inspiration is also pretty simple, I have always enjoyed reading tarot for people as it tends to help them look at situations in a different light. The spell crafting came about when I did it for one of my clients and really enjoyed the whole process of research and development! I've gotten a lot of positive reactions such as "It's so nice to be able to get a quality spell, especially when my mind is just coming up with nothing."

2. What do you create and do you have a signature product? If so how did it come to be?
Aside from the readings I create simple but effective spells to help people achieve their goals and move opportunities into their lives. My favorite set so far is the Knot and Sachet kits but I think my signature is the Mini-Spell Bottles. They are packed with color magic, symbolism, candle magic, herb correspondences and gemstones that all roll together into a tiny and unobtrusive bottle.

3. Where do you find your inspiration and what makes you different from the other people that make what you make?
Honestly my inspiration comes from my clients. While spells for love and money are no-brainers all of my other creations were originally written at the request of a client. I would never have thought to put together a spell to help boost confidence without being inspired by my clients. As to what makes me different, I believe it's my focus on simplicity and effectiveness as well as custom requests and customer service. I also hold myself to a high ethical standard and have unfortunately had to tell clients that I cannot help them achieve what they want because of that.

4. What do you enjoy most about your craft?
I love my most accurate and transformational readings. I usually end up shaking my head as I'm typing them up because the messages that are coming through the cards mean nothing to me. I write it up anyway and send it off to the client; these are the readings that my clients are so thankful for. I love that I can help people hear and see their situations in helpful ways.

5. What is your best advice to newbie Etsians just opening their shops?
Take everything in bite sized pieces otherwise you end up overwhelmed. Build up your store and put effort into your listings. Make sure your customers have ways to connect to you outside of etsy such as facebook, twitter and/or a blog. Put effort into those connections or they will do nothing for you. Also, find teams that are active and supportive and crowd-source ideas and ask for feedback! I humbly suggest the Time Travelers Team ;)

6. What are your top 3 favorite shops on Etsy and what do you like about them? I just want to own almost everything in her shop. His artwork is amazing! She is an amazing woman working very hard to support her family. I can't wait till I have enough money to order a full quilt!

7. Where else (other than Etsy) can you be found online?

8. Do you have any coupon codes / special sales / upcoming or current promotional events going on in your shop?
Just for all of you, TTT15 for 15% off anything in the shop!

These are some of Kats wonderful products


Friday, 20 April 2012

Sneak Peaks at The Fern Girl and Sunflower

I'm delighted to announce that Fern Girl is finished and Sunflower is well on her way to the same destination.

Here are some 'sneak peak' close up shots Fern Girl

and some quick pics of some of the materials I am going to use for Sunflower

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Oxford Town Hall Craft Market - Pics

Some of my photographs from Oxford Town Hall Craft Market last Saturday and Sunday

Our Stand

                                                     Aleksandra Fendryk - My Rainbow Crafts
                                                Felt keyrings,brooches,hairclips and headbands

                                                         Some pics taken before opening

                                          My friend Garry Curran with his Wire Sculptures

                                   Annie Lacey with Green Garden Natural Handmade Skincare

                                                           Some 'crowd shots'

                                             Marjorie with her Fashion Hats and Scarves

                                                                        Layla Bourton
                                                                   Fashion bead jewellery

Eat Your Heart Out Boutique with her fabulously Girly Punk skull cameo jewellery and accessories

Her mother with beautiful handmade fairy furniture, crystal wands,faerie doors and wish bags

                                                               Another shot of our stall

                           I never got this lady's name but she had some stunning prints and paintings
 A lady I have met before. Maria Skoyles from I've Seen Action, a brand of recycled fashion


                                                                      Ali Clements.
                        Stunning postcards, card, t-shirts and bags with her paintings of Oxford Life

Jenny, the lady who organised ReFashion in the town hall earlier in the year with her felt jewellery, recycled fabric bags, sock monkeys  and door chickens

                                                  Joanna  Osborn from Lymhouse Jewellery
                                              Vintage charm and handmade glass jewellery collections.
                                   I love her Elephant piece from her Vintage Key Cluster Collection

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Monday, 16 April 2012

Once In a Persian Garden- Multi Coloured Goddess Wrap

This piece came about from several different places. One was a skein of Sweet Dreams
yarn from Colinette that I had some small amount left over from a shawl, the second was one of my favourite albums, Songs from a Persian Garden by Marjan and Mahsa Vahdat,  and the third was my 'Lucky Dip' style selection of yarns that I took to the fair last weekend. It can be tricky working and minding a stall at the same time but I find that most people like to watch you work as well as talk to you.

Here are some very quick photographs I took this morning after it had been woven in lilac and eggplant

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Fabric Head Display Stands

I bought this pattern a couple of years ago and I never got around to actually trying it out, it was one of those things on the To Do list that never happened but I find myself in need of some stands for various things and after 3 days of frantic searching I came to accept that the pattern had gone the way of the dodo and had totally vanished. I thankfully found that the seller I got it from was still selling them so I bought a new one and have managed to make two this afternoon for use on Saturday. I was intending to use them both for hats but I have discovered they are perfect for earrings and necklaces so Ab will be using one for her stuff.

The pics are rough but you get the general idea. The yellow one is made out of a light mustard yellow cotton and the green is made from recycled linen fabric off a skirt and decorated with some lace and the buttons off said skirt

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Art and Craft Fair at Oxford Town Hall - 14 and 15 April 2012

Art and Craft Fair at Oxford Town Hall - 14 and 15 April 2012

An Art and Craft Fair is being held in Oxford Town Hall on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 April to help showcase the work of local craft workers and artists.

Lidia Pocock, Town Hall Manager, says "We want to offer a stepping stone for upcoming artists and designer-makers to get their work noticed, and provide visitors with the opportunity to enjoy a new shopping experience and own affordable originals

Craft workers and artists already signed up to the Fair include Garry Curran with his wire bicycle sculptures, Shalotte's copper wirework jewellery, knitwear, artwear, accessories, hats, aprons, gifts and work by local artist Ali Clements.
The event takes place from 11am until 4pm in the Long Room at the Town Hall. Entry is free.
To register interest for the Art & Craft Fair contact Annette Cunningham, or call 01865 252162.

New Photographs of Blossom Baby

I posted Blossom Baby off to to her studio yesterday but I managed, before I sent her to take some new pics of it being worn as a wrap